Digital ordering system.

Digitize your procurement
with the best e-procurement software

The digital order management system cisbox Order elevates your purchasing to the next level.

With our advanced digital ordering platform, you can count on a streamlined workflow that consistently meets your needs, supported by continuous development and cutting-edge technologies.

Place orders with all suppliers.

Effortlessly place orders with your preferred suppliers through your own centralized system. Independent. Streamlined. Clear.

Keep track of all orders and prices.

Stay informed of all supplier details, orders, and prices, allowing you to place orders at the most opportune times.

Save time and money with digital purchasing.

Choose cisbox Order for systematic ordering. Make decisions based on data, not intuition, with all prices, discounts, and other details conveniently located in one central hub.

Seamlessly manage your purchasing digitally, anytime, anywhere.

Of course, cisbox Order is also available as an app. This allows you to place orders conveniently and efficiently directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Digital ordering system: From bottleneck manager to purchasing hero in just 7 steps

Fast. Central. Digital. This is how the perfect procurement process works, where you can keep an eye on everything with just one highly secure Software-as-a-Service platform hosted in Germany.

Cisbox Order: Explore essential features enhanced for your success.

With cisbox Order, you and your ordering system are equipped to handle almost any digital challenge. The powerful ordering platform integrates seamlessly into your existing IT and ERP systems. What's more, it is only in combination with cisbox Order that many other software systems unfold their full potential in digital procurement optimization.


Modern and clear
e-procurement interface that impresses both visually and functionally with the latest web technology.

Intuitive operation

Intuitive operation and a clear design support your ordering processes, especially when you need to complete them quickly.

Flexible authorizations

Use the integrated user administration to determine which employee can place an order with which supplier.

Favorites and order lists

Compile your list templates, which you can use on a recurring basis and trigger orders again. 

Shopping cart release

Check again before sending the order? No problem. Determine when and by whom a shopping cart value must be released.

Web scraping of article data

Is neither catalog data nor OCI connection possible? Alternatively, simply access available item information from the web.

Stock and inventory module

Viewing stock and carrying out inventories has never been so easy. Detect stock shortages and trigger orders just in time.

Countless interfaces

We offer over 100 interfaces to make connecting with your suppliers even easier. We support BMEcat, PRICAT, XLSX, openTRANS and GS1 EANCOM.

Accounts Payable Integration

Automatic transfer
and updating of vendor data records from cisbox Invoice to
to cisbox Order

Automatic document check

Compare the goods receipt with the invoice before you pay the invoice. No problem with the combination of cisbox Order and cisbox Invoice!

Also available as an app

With the app for iOS and Android, you can access your orders on the go, away from your desk—around the clock and from anywhere.

Simple OCI connection

Integrate supplier webshops via hook URL and transfer your shopping cart to cisbox Order when you are finished.


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With cisbox Order and cisbox Invoice, you can rely on a digital workflow that always meets your requirements, thanks to continuous development and state-of-the-art technologies. With cisbox Insights, you can make even better strategic purchasing decisions.

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Information and insights

for digital ordering with cisbox Order

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Do you have questions, want to know something in more detail or simply want to find out a little more? 

We have compiled the answers to the most common questions about digital purchasing and our optimized ordering system for you.

cisbox Order is a modern e-procurement software that uses the latest web technologies to provide a powerful and visually appealing ordering interface. It enables small businesses, SMEs and corporations to digitize, simplify and automate their ordering processes. The software optimizes ordering processes, improves control over company spending, increases transparency in the purchasing process and reduces manual effort through automation and easy integration into existing systems.
cisbox Order can be used across all industries and is flexible enough to meet the requirements of small to large companies. However, there are also industry-specific software and service packages consisting of cisbox Order, cisbox Invoice and cisbox Insights, which we have put together specifically for the special requirements of hospitality, healthcare or the public sector. Just get in touch with us!
The cisbox Order user interface is designed to make daily ordering tasks efficient and user-friendly while simplifying the purchasing process. It was developed with the aim of making it as easy and intuitive to use as possible. The clear menu structure, for example, enables users to navigate effortlessly through the application. Furthermore, only a few clicks are required to select the desired supplier, compile the shopping cart and submit the order. But cisbox Order can do even more: the purpose is to unite the many different ordering processes of suppliers and their platforms in cisbox Order and to establish a single, uniform process from many different ordering workflows.

In addition, the user interface harmonizes with the layout of the other applications from the cisbox Suite, so that users who are familiar with cisbox Invoice or cisbox Insights can quickly get used to cisbox Order when using it for the first time.  
To be able to use cisbox Order efficiently, we recommend an introductory training course. This is part of our service contracts and is agreed automatically. For companies that don't want to wait and want to get started right away, we recommend Order to go! With this additional feature for cisbox Invoice, not only are the core features of cisbox Order made available, but it is also possible to get started with mobile ordering (cisbox Invoice required).
Users can individually choose between the system languages German, English and French in their user settings.
cisbox Order integrates seamlessly into the cisbox Suite. In conjunction with cisbox Invoice, for example, a comparison can be made between a goods receipt and invoice (triple match). If you use cisbox Insights, you can view information about articles, order behavior, volumes, and prices. Data from goods receipts processed with cisbox Order can be transferred to third-party ERP systems if required and on request. 
Orders generated with cisbox Order are transmitted to the suppliers via Peppol, FTPS, SFTP, fax, e-mail and AS2.
Yes, in addition to catalog data as an original load or update provided by the supplier, supplier webshops can be integrated to import compiled shopping baskets from the respective platforms to cisbox Order. If cisbox Invoice is already in use, you can transfer the article and vendor master data to cisbox Order and make it available there.
You can use cisbox Order at any time and from any Internet-enabled device. The user interface is optimized for desktop and mobile use. A separate app is not mandatory, but if you prefer, you can download and install it for free from the Android and iOS app stores (a user account is required to use it).
We use transport encryption during data transmission and storage encryption to ensure that unauthorized third parties cannot read the data. In addition, only authorized users can access the data using a strong password with minimum requirements.
Yes. All products and services provided by cisbox GmbH comply with the GDPR requirements. The respective solutions' data protection declarations give more information.
We offer a demo as part of a live demo. Interested companies can make an appointment with us to see the benefits of cisbox Order for themselves - either on site or remotely.
We primarily process all support requests via our central ticket system. That is the simplest and most efficient way - not only for us to deal with support requests promptly, but also for simple support requests from the user. You can view the status and progress anytime via the ticket system. Uncertainties about the current status are, therefore, a thing of the past.
In addition to the introductory training for cisbox Order, we plan to give all users access to a knowledge database in the future, which we also want to make available via our central ticket system. The aim is to provide solutions to problems based on previous support requests.