cisbox Insights

Foccused data analysis.

Efficient forecasts
with cisbox Insights.

cisbox Insights is our AI-supported application for analysing your company’s key performance indicators. Based on the data from your cisbox solutions, you receive real-time information and recommendations for action.

For forward-looking predictions.

We have the analyses to get the most out of your data.

No matter what information is important to you next: cisbox Insights combines all the data from your cisbox solutions and turns it into your tool of choice when it comes to strategic decisions.

cisbox Insights shows you the potential for you.

Transparent real-time data instead of locally stored Excel spreadsheets.

Optimised data comparison through individual filtering according to time periods, suppliers and locations.

Features of cisbox Insights

Cash discount alert

Make the most of your cash discount and never miss a discount deadline again

The cash discount optimisation function provides an overview of possible, drawn and expired cash discounts. And the cash discount alarm even reminds you of expiring discount periods.


Who are my top 10 suppliers, items or debit accounts? Did I change my purchasing behaviour?

The rankings show the top suppliers, items and debit accounts with growth and decline.


What are my spendings this month? What spendings should I expect next month?

The Spendings function gives you an overview of outstanding invoices and payments made and even forecasts the total of all upcoming payments in the current and coming month.

Price report

Recognise price increases quickly and easily

The price report uses your invoice data to analyse whether an item or supplier has become more expensive compared to previous orders.

Purchase to pay

How efficiently are my incoming invoices processed?

This function provides real-time information about the activity and structure of invoice processing. Nice to know: Regarding to sustainability, the number of invoices received digitally and electronically instead of in paper form can be checked here.

Supplier cockpit

Document volumes, payment terms, e-documents – how efficient are my suppliers?

With the supplier cockpit, you can analyse your suppliers to check whether payment targets have been met or if new conditions can be negotiated.

Site comparison

How high is the purchasing volume and growth at my respective locations?

The side comparison function uses the most important KPIs to provide a quick overview of the optimisation potential of your locations.

More functions will be implemented with regular updates.

Your data also contains a huge treasure trove of data.
Raise it – with cisbox Insights.