Regardless of whether your appli­cations are Addison, Agenda, Arcos, BMD, Datev, Diamant, Fibunet, Filosof, Gevis, Hansa, Hamburger Software, Lexware, Micros- Fidelio, Micos, Mirus, MS Dynamics, Sage, SAP, SBS, Scopevisio, Simba, Syska or for example Wilken:

  • Order, delivery, invoice and booking data, master data and image data can be exchanged easily and securely via suitable inter­faces between cisbox™ and your accounts system, inventory control or budget solution.

There are especially far-reaching and interesting integration options

  • with DATEV PRO
  • with the Fairmas planning, controlling, and management reporting solutions
  • with Filosof, a long-term partner and the leading provider of solutions for hotel business manage­ment
  • with the Materials Control and myinventory products from Micros and Delegate
  • with the ERP applications from MS Dynamics und SAP

In addition to the search and report functions inte­grated into cisbox™ you can also, via the qlikview business discovery platform,

  • analyse your entire database, up to date daily. Offline, too!

As well as the archive functions inte­grated into cisbox™, you can additionally, via the document manage­ment system,

  • archive other digital and paper-based infor­mation in document files in the long term and in con­formity with legal require­ments. On-site, too!